The Directors

corporate &
general commercial law

The Director responsible for this Department is Anton Der Kinderen together with Kashiefa Toffar, who have in excess of 32 years experience collectively.


• Formation, operation and provision of ongoing legal
• Corporate advice to legal entities such as Close Corporations
• Trusts, Limited Companies, S21 Companies
• Negotiation and review of pertinent documentation
• Partnership Agreements
• Association Agreements
• Shareholder Agreements
• Financial Service Agreements
•Joint Ventures
• Residential and business leases
• Sale of Members Interest
• Sale of business
• Cessions
• Sale of movables like motor vehicles
• Suretyships
• Developments


All the Directors and attorneys are experienced in the Law of Property. Currently the firm employs 12 conveyancers and two conveyancing consultants. We are adept at handling volumes and our reporting systems are state of the art. Our clients include various estate agents, developers and all the major financial institutions. We have associate branches all over the country ensuring that we can provide a service to a national client base. We are specifically experienced in doing developments and assisting developers from day one.


• Conveyancing transfers
• Registration of bonds, mortgage bonds and bond cancellations
• Purchase, Sale and Lease of Residential Commercial and Industrial Property
• Preparing a township development plan for an area, including Subdivisions, consolidations, removal of restrictions, creation of new title conditions, approval of general Town planning and rezoning applications
• Partnership Agreements
• Association Agreements
• Shareholder Agreements
• Developments and knowledge on financing same
• Property transactions of all types
• Sale of Members Interest
• Effect of Transfer Duty, Value Added Tax, Donations Tax,
• Capital Gains Tax, on all types of property transactions
• Alienation of Land Act
• Building Contracts
• Commercial Property Finance
• Sale Agreements
• Opening Sectional Title Register and registration of amended Sectional plans
• Servitudes
• Sale of member’s interest in property holding companies and Close corporations


The Director responsible for this department is Abdullah Salie who is an expert in the field of trusts. Abdullah was trained by Robert Pace whom co-authored a book on the subject with Willie van der Westhuizen, titled “Wills and Trusts”, still the preferred used reference at universities. Robert holds LL.M degrees from the Universities of Indiana and Chicago.


• Administration of Estates and Administration of Trusts
• Business and Family Trusts
• Establishment of inter vivos Trusts
• Advice on the powers and duties of Executors and trustees
• Tax implications and advise in respect of trusts and estates
• Estate Duty
• Estate Planning
• Drafting of Wills and Codicils


The Director responsible for this department is Abdullah Salie. As an alternative to insolvency litigation, this department accepts appointments as liquidators and trustees in various insolvent estates.


Nadine Pansegrouw is our Notary and is responsible for this department


• Mineral Rights
• Ante Nuptial and Post Nuptial Registrations
• Cessions
• Registration of Servitudes
• Registration of Co Habitation contracts
• Mining Contracts
• Trusts


Muzzamil Toefy is in association with us and renders the litigation services.


Kashiefa Abrahams-Toffar heads this department and is a specialist in the industry. Kashiefa worked in Commercial Banks as a Commercial Banker specializing commercial property for 12 years and assists client’s not only with bond registrations, but complex Commercial Property structures and Developments. We service some Top developers and Commercial Property agents in the industry.


• Commercial Structuring
• Mitigating Legal and financial risk
• Commercial Contracts
• Commercial Bonds (Conveyancing)
• Facilitating JV’s and other structures including Due Diligence processes
• In respect of Commercial land
• Commercial Land Facilitation and sourcing land for development purposes