Cape Town, South Africa

Velile Tinto Cape (VTC) is a Cape Town based firm of attorneys with 5 branches in the greater Cape Town Metropolitan Area. VTC is a level 2 BEE contributor with a staff compliment of over a hundred.

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& Trusts
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Who we are

We have established a considerable footprint of offices and a widely established correspondent base, ensuring that we are able to provide all clients with service, anywhere in the country.

Our practice has founded itself in focused fields of law, and our core area of expertise and experience focuses itself in Property Law. We now have a staff compliment of more than 100 motivated employees with offices in Kenilworth, Bellville, Mitchells Plain, Table View and Somerset West.


Legal Articles

Additional costs to budget for when purchasing a property

Additional costs to budget for when purchasing a property. This article unpacks the hidden or unexpected costs in order to provide you with the best framework to ensure you are better prepared and not left with less money than you were expecting.

The Validity of a Signed Offer to Purchase

As soon as the Seller accepts and signs (as per the Alienation of Land Act of 1981) the Offer to Purchase (hereinafter referred to as the “OTP’) it becomes a valid agreement of sale. If the seller verbally accepts the Offer but does not sign it within the stipulated time period, no contract exists.


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